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For you who want to get started with OKR in a simple way to ensure that the company is focused on the overall strategy, goals and the most important activities



/ user per Month

For you who want to adapt the OKR cycle and integrate OKRs with other digital worktools to ensure easy commitment and better progress.


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Tailored for large organizations seeking to seamlessly integrate OKRs at scale. Benefit from dedicated support, custom integrations, and advanced features designed to drive alignment and accelerate progress across your enterprise.

Frequently asked questions

How do I succeed with implementing OKRs in the organisastion?

If you are introducing the full OKR framework, for the first time, our recommendation is to run a pilot on one or more teams/departments to gather experience and make adjustments before rolling it out throughout the organization. Furthermore, we recommend using a professional OKR tracking software to support, engage and follow development/progression in the organisation. The right software will help you set the right goals and implement best practices to get the most out of your OKRs. Futhermore, the companies that are most successful have internal OKR ambassadors who run the process internally. If desired, our OKR consultants can assist in training, planning and rollout so that you can benefit from best practice.

Why do I need OKR tracking software for a user-centered approach?

The success of OKR tracking software will ultimately be determined by how well your team uses it. As a result, it is crucial to concentrate on the user experience.

Can I integrate Futureworks with other applications?

In order to use OKR tracking software, it is an advantage that you integrate Futureworks with the work applications that employees already use today. Find out the most important integrations your team uses and make sure the tool you chose supports them. For example, Futureworks offers advanced integrations with systems such as MS Teams and Slack, as well as data and project management apps such as Jira, Github, Trello, MySQL and a number of others.