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Why OKRs


90% of all Organizations lack the ability
to execute their strategies

70% of those say that they don’t adhere to the strategy without execution, and 60% of leaders find it difficult to translate strategy execution into daily work.

For many years, companies like Spotify, Hemnet, Biznode, Google & Meta have used the OKR methodology to drive execution and engagement around the company’s goals.

The methodology used by organizations worldwide is for effectively converting strategies into actions through increased engagement, focus, and clarity.

We are passionate about creating clarity, engagement, and effective follow-up for our customers by helping them succeed with their OKR work.

Are you considering implementing OKR or have tried but not really achieved the effect you are looking for?

Let us show you how to be successful in strategy execution.

Setting OKRs

Setting OKRs

Translate your strategy into clear OKRs for the entire organization

Establishing Follow-Up

Establishing Follow-Up

Set up follow-up processes to drive execution

Driving Engagement from Everyone

Driving Engagement from Everyone

Involve the entire organization

Do you sometimes experience this?

Many companies face the same challenges when it comes to executing and creating engagement around our strategic shifts.

  • Fragmented Focus. Numerous projects, initiatives, and goals create a lack of focus and cause the organization to pull in different directions.
  • Unclear or Conflicting Goals. We have a mix of goals and priorities that create ambiguity for employees.
  • Unclear Priorities. Research shows that barely half of middle managers can even name one of the company’s top priorities, and the same figure for employees is 13%. We lack the ability to communicate and secure commitment around our most important priorities.
  • Lack of Follow-Up. We follow up on our goals too infrequently to be effective in managing potential deviations.
  • Wrong Key Metrics for Driving Behavioral Change. An excessive focus on KPI tracking and lagging indicators causes us to lose sight of goals that truly drive behavioral change.

Why a Digital Tool?

The OKR platform Futureworks enables managers to cultivate a culture of clarity, alignment, transparency, and continuous improvement within their teams. Through goal setting, feedback, and recognition, managers can inspire employees to collaborate towards common goals, driving a sense of purpose and engagement.

These are the effects you can achieve by working with Futureworks

Focus. OKR encourages prioritization by identifying the most important shifts needed to achieve our strategy. It helps teams and individuals focus on the most critical tasks and initiatives, reduce distractions, and improve productivity.

Alignment. OKR helps teams and organizations align goals. By setting inspiring Objectives and measurable Key Results, everyone knows what we are working towards, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

Ownership. OKR creates accountability by establishing measurable key results that can be tracked and evaluated. This transparency ensures that teams and individuals are held accountable for their performance and progress towards achieving their goals.

Agile Execution. OKR promotes agility and adaptability by encouraging regular review and adjustment of goals and key results. This allows organizations to respond quickly to changing market conditions, customer needs, and internal priorities. 

Objectives & Key Results


We have built Futureworks so that organizations can easily set goals, track activities, and get everyone to collectively work towards the organization’s vision. The platform facilitates focus, collaboration, and provides a clear and visual representation of your journey towards the goal.

Quarterly Objectives & Key Results create the structure for you to set, manage, and align goals at all levels. With OKR Execute, we streamline your follow-up processes and drive engagement in meetings through engaging workflows that encourage psychological safety and collaboration.


Workshops & Trainings

OKR Bootcamp

OKR Bootcamp

1 Full day
NOK 7890 per person
OKR Workshop

OKR Workshop

1 Full day
NOK 35000 per person
Best Choice
Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

3 Full days
NOK 135000 per person

Customer Testimonials

"The effect we have experienced a few months into working with OKR is that our focus on the most important things has increased throughout the company. The Futureworks platform has also been a great support in our daily work, helping us maintain focus and rally around the most important goals. During the implementation of OKR, Daniel Mälsjö has supported the management and trained our OKR Ambassadors. Daniel Mälsjö is very knowledgeable in the field. He has a strong ability to push us hard to do the right thing while also motivating us to continue. It is largely about establishing a behavioral change, and these take time."
Trygve Solem
Regional Manager Experis Nordics at Experis

Your buying Journey

1. Contact Form. 

Whether you reach out to us via the contact form, directly book a meeting, or call us, this initiates the dialogue with us.

2. First Introduction Meeting

We will arrange a free introductory meeting where we can learn more about your needs and how we can use our services to help you. Do you have specific questions you want us to prepare for? Remember to communicate this with us BEFORE the introductory meeting so that you can get the most out of our time together.

3. First Workshop. 

Based on where you are in your journey, we will conduct an initial workshop to develop your understanding of the OKR framework, the keys to a successful implementation, and best practices. An experienced OKR coach will guide your team/company through the process to increase knowledge, inspire, and create a clear next step.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I succeed with implementing OKRs in the organisastion?

If you are introducing the full OKR framework, for the first time, our recommendation is to run a pilot on one or more teams/departments to gather experience and make adjustments before rolling it out throughout the organization. Furthermore, we recommend using a professional OKR tracking software to support, engage and follow development/progression in the organisation. The right software will help you set the right goals and implement best practices to get the most out of your OKRs. Futhermore, the companies that are most successful have internal OKR ambassadors who run the process internally. If desired, our OKR consultants can assist in training, planning and rollout so that you can benefit from best practice.

Why do I need OKR tracking software for a user-centered approach?

The success of OKR tracking software will ultimately be determined by how well your team uses it. As a result, it is crucial to concentrate on the user experience.

Can I integrate Futureworks with other applications?

In order to use OKR tracking software, it is an advantage that you integrate Futureworks with the work applications that employees already use today. Find out the most important integrations your team uses and make sure the tool you chose supports them. For example, Futureworks offers advanced integrations with systems such as MS Teams and Slack, as well as data and project management apps such as Jira, Github, Trello, MySQL and a number of others.