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Effective and valuable meetings

Did you know that 67% of internal company meetings are seen as ineffective by leaders and employees? Sounds like a staggering statistic, doesn’t it?


What if I told you there could be a solution for this?

At Futureworks, we believe in the power of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) result meetings. They offer a new way of working that focuses on what truly matters for results. These meetings guide your teams towards better communication, collaboration and better outcomes.

Just imagine the potential growth of your company if your teams could focus 80% of their time on the top 20% of tasks that bring results.


But how do you conduct an effective OKR result meeting?

Our six-step process includes sharing good news, discussing KPIs/metrics, focusing on sales, addressing critical questions and decisions, assigning tasks with deadlines, and setting priorities for the next week. And best of all, you can adapt the meetings to the team’s needs.

An OKR meeting is more than just a gathering – it’s the heart of your organization, the powerhouse that fuels efficiency and productivity.


I’m not saying that this is easy, but if you start and have the discipline to follow through you will gradually transform your team’s focus and supercharge your company’s growth?

Let’s make the most out of your meetings with the Futurework OKR platform!

PS: For all of you that don’t want another platform, here’s another xl sheet for you;) (Not that you don’t have enough of these already….)

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Let’s redefine the way you work, together!